About US...

Spirit of Siam Muay Thai Gym was founded in 2015 and based in Chiang Mai City.  In our training, in addition to Muay Thai, we offer a program includes nutrition and a workout regiment designed to bring out a persons maximum potential.  The school has a firm belief, a person of any level of martial arts experience is welcome to the school, with the condition that they are willing to learn training for all 

Training For All

Training for all

SPIRIT OF SIAM MUAY THAI GYM can offer Muay Thai for every level, training from beginners to


- For beginners it gives a chance to learn the art and get fit at the same time.  

- For intermediate level practitioners looking to improve and prepare to reach the next level.  

- For professionals we offer the refining of skills and preparing for upcoming fights.  

Along with anyone else who is looking to reach personal goals through Muay Thai.  In order for us to create a friendly training environment and high quality lessons, where enough personal attention is given, we limit the size of our classes.  

To reach your maximum potential and to see the results of your training, a commitment of 1 month is needed.  So let us guide you through this journey, having fun and working hard to reach our goals together, come join us at SPIRIT OF SIAM MUAY THAI GYM and hope to see you soon!